Sweaty Palms

Soda Pop Fuck You

You walked in and looked around,
Your eyebrows came together
What do you think you're looking for?
The atmosphere so cold
And yet your palms are sweating
What do you think you're looking for?

The atmosphere is so cold,
Your palms are sweating
Your curious stare is answered by glances
From the tables where little tiny worlds are sitting
Two to a universe
No empty space here for you to fill

And no one's making any room for you
And your hands hold your pockets
As other's hands hold other's
Other hands
And you're so self-contained
As others move so easily
Into each other's worlds

And you continue to observe
Curious and complacent
No complaints though, right?
You gave all that up long ago
You're much better off alone
You're much better off alone

You could never understand them
Even if you wanted to
They could never understand you
Only continue
To move so easily into eachother's worlds
Easily ignoring you
Easily ignoring you, so
Turn around and go
Turn around and go
This is the last time
I'm going to remind you
This s the last time Im going to remind you
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