The Tail Of Billy B.

Soda Pop Fuck You

They pulled up with their lights on
Sirens screaming
Red then blue
They pulled up with their lights on
Jane was with him, Mary too

And all that Billy knows is
(although he can't be sure)
His mouth has frozen solid
Behind bars of steel
His head is reeling
Voices screaming in his ear
The voice of some Big Brother man
Who only has the power to destroy his reputation in this cell
Incarcerated in jail number three
Dignity taken in jail number...

Heard the key turn in the door
Brick walls and a cement floor
Inmate with a funny feelin'
Gets the little piggy squealin'
Guard is nowhere to be found
Orange suits stand all around
Lifetime sentence firmly grips
Into the black hole he slips

There must be some mistake
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