Thank God

Soda Pop Fuck You

I used to make believe that I was happy every day
And even though I smiled, my own eyes gave me away
I used to be ashamed of who I used to be
My whole damn life I lied and pretended to believe
I never understood it's optional to live life free
And didn't think that anyone could love me unconditionally
I was afraid to get too close to anybody
And all the time I complained that nobody knew the real me

With one look, you reminded me
Of the little girl I used to be
With one look you reminded me of that little girl

The bed is wet with cider that we spilled
Our dreams are in a shoebox filled with stolen dollar bills
I told him to go nowhere they took him away instead
On the phone to him his smiling face still in my head
There's nothing else I need to look for now that you found me
So fuck this world that tries to negate our serendipity
And if there ever came a time they tried to take you away
I'd sacrifice myself for you so that you could stay

I'm not looking
Not looking anymore
For the missing piece inside of me
I'm not looking
Not looking anymore
For that missing piece

And I don't listen anymore to the voices in my head
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