Rockabilly Breakdown

Soda Pop Fuck You

I guess you don't remember what you said to me that night
You said it was a mistake that I came into your life
From then on I did the best I could and tried so hard to please
But I'm not the kind of girl who does her best work on her knees
All the time I spent with you, never knowing it was me
That held the world together with the secret that I keep
I try to teach you to be brave
You look the other way
How much better would your life be if you refused to stay?
To stay
Please stay

This mask you're wearing needs to be replaced
I think it might be time to let us see your face

Make your escape
Say not a word
Leave not a trace
You are an angel
Fallen from grace
Dont let 'em know something's wrong
Just act naturally
There's no use explaining to them your philosophy
Don't let their harsh words get to you
You're stronger than they know
Just wait my dear, before you let your true emotions show
This mask you're wearing
Needs to be replaced I think it might be time
To let us see your face
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