Here I come again

Solano Jacob

With the petmissions
From the higher grounds
I man Solano Jacob now
Come with a clear purpose
Oh Jah let us learn about
Love I and I and i speak thy name with
Consciousness and overstanding
One love and I-nity dor those
Who want to live

Here I come again Jah Jah
Restored forces and singing
I have got give thanks always
Now I come to feed the hungry

Come to feed them with the word
Cause it was in the beginning
Come for truly reasoning
Love is in the healing of the I

Together we pray God let us forget
The cold vain prund and vanity
Blessed love I man spread all over
Solidarity for those who suffer

I come to feed them with comprehension
Patience is a witness of the time
I come to give them so much attention
Someone´s got to live it side by side

Brother man don´t you be no fool
Remember we are the people of Ethiopia
If you´re a man, you´re a pan-african
Jesus Christ noe we a chant
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