Not By Bread Alone

Solano Jacob

I am an African
With a white skin and the black blood
I man nah turn back I say
I man nah turn back
I man nah turn back I say
Hear what the Rastaman says

Rastaman says: preserve your life
Rastaman says: correct your old sight
Rastaman says: we shall not live by bread alone
But by the words that proceeded from my father

You've got to know yourself
And I say nothing else
Now you listen to the voice
Pleasing people
Always talking to you inside

Rastaman say: seek truth and right
But first you'll know what that is all about
Rastaman warns: if you think then you sure exist
So in the hard days you've got to
Resist, like a Lion

And you never let them fool you
With desires
Now you keep the hot fire
You remember where we all belong
I-thiopia come and sings right now

Cause we all came from I-thiopia
And we've got the same history
Cause we are all part of the
Africa we'll live for-I-ever more

I am an African
We are all Africans
I'm an Africans
Can't you see?
With a white skin
And I say with the black blood
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