Solano Jacob

Me say we living so bright
When we defend the laws of king rastafari

And in this world people seem to loose their
Spiritual vision

So me heal them souls

I say
With praises
This is what we need for betterment
With praises
Put some fire upon the wickedness

With a praise
Jah gives us more power
To serve the man
In the name of the comforter

It's so simple
You lift up your minds
To the grace of the almighty i

And don't forget the ability of the reason
To comprehend jah our provision

And when they ask me about my religion
Me show them how
Rastafari free

It's a false doctrine
Life without divine
Bredren´s competition
Charging for salvation

These are just tricks
No real experience
So much confusion
Faith without reason

Dread a go dread
African's dread
We all stand
Evolution come

Dread a go dread
African's dread
We all stand
Revolution come

So me heal them souls
And i say never with rages
But only with praises cause
Jah love covers the earth

When we praise
We do things the eyes can't see
A working mind
Not a mystery

From deep inside
We can manifest
Our respect for
Surviving from the mass

Get on work
Spiritual fusion
Never forget
Give more, give more

Come let us praise
Let us vibrate
To each and everyone
Stepping on the earth

Unbelievers they've been trying so hard
To prove life
Is under the material side
Rasta prevailed and came to clarify
We've got a christian life

We a warrior
Ghetto youth a black man soldier
We a warrior
Moving out of this babylonia

Come and teaching about selassie i light
Bun all di traitors, hypocrites and spies
Rasta me nah inna bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla
Righteousness and wickedness could never combine
Dem try to pollute ghetto youths minds
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