African Princess

Solano Jacob

She's my african princess
I have no doubt about it

My girl, my girl, my girl
Please let me say I love you
You are my truly shining star
I know you are

My girl, my girl, my girl
Please let me say I love you
You are a blessing from above
I know you are

Oh my little baby
I remember
When you first breathed the air
Still I remember
I could not even hear you crying
Very delicate, not sophisticated
Depending on the father Rasta
I for sure was ready
To give my best for you my baby

Fear not the pain
Christ guide your spirit
Don't feel unsafe
I'm gonna be your shelter

My girl, you were born to be Truth
My girl, now my heart beats down for you

We gonna be like the blow of wind
That never ends but then leads to
The Almighty One, leads to
The Almighty One, so

Oh my little baby
This is so crazy
Living in confusion
I give thanks and praises
You are protected
Guided by the mighty hands
We gonna make it better
We will live forever
With the conscious to be Rasta
Come on mek we do it
Jah Jah wants us to move

Move to Mount Zion
With the courage of a Lion
Teaching love where we go
And no matter what they say
We'll live as one
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