O Fogo É o Amor

Solano Jacob

Get up and go
Get up and go
No one can
Stop Jah Lion

Get up and go
Get up and go
Unity and Love
Is the way to Zion

Hear me youth when I chant
Jah love is for everyone
Black and white, rich and poor
Cause we are all one family

Let me tell you
Why it is used for
I-ducation for my people
Inna time of scientific
Technology coming and taking
Place of Creation, Creation

Them want to produce human beings
In laboratories
Look into your genes, heal all diseases
Want a medicine?
The pain soon will cease
Now you pay the bill when you leave

Them control our youth
With lessons in the schools
Give them a rules
Methods and blues
Them promises of happiness
Lead us to the madness
Never teach about the Emperor and Empress

One love
One love say Rasta

One love, one love
One love and I-nity

One love
One love say Rasta

One love, one love
One love for those who want to live

A missão do Rastaman
É queimar o mundo com amor

A missão do Rastaman
É educar o seu povo com amor

Vinte milhões no Brasil não sabem ler
Outros tantos piores só fingem entender
Isto é puro fruto da loucura liberal
A escola virou um produto do mundo capital

Sim meu irmão tudo parece uma ilusão
O saber vem pronto, eles têm sempre a razão
Tem um veneno na mente da juventude
Vamo bota o fogo do amor pra que isto mude
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