Bulls-eye (Suddenly)

Syleena Johnson

And If you've ever been in love I wanna hear you sing it as loud as you can, Sing

Suddenly I'm not afraid to try and love someone
Suddenly I feel like my heart can open up
And suddenly I'm thinkin maybe you could be the one
Finally I think it might be right to fall in love
So fly on, fly high
Come on Cupid hit a bulls-eye
Think I finally found that guy
So fly on, fly high
Come on Cupid hit a bulls-eye
Please don't let me down this time
Cupid, I think I'm ready, ready to fall in love

[Verse 1]
I've been up and so many times in love
And thought it all still I think I've never really known true love
But this time it could very well be a possibility
Finally, hopefully you won't let me down this time
Oh No


[Verse 2]
He could be the man of my eternity
But I don't know
If the future has him here with me
But I do know that the way he makes me feel is so lovely
Mentally, Spiritually, he completes me
Cupid please come closer to me


We should be able to love the way that warrior's love no fear, though we both went through pain like the
story of thugs and cold year was '03 you got to know you i got to know me now we can both go free and fly
higher that the Sears Tower. everybody got baggage though we cleared ours no more tear showers im in your
ear hours singin in unison with Luther Howard
love there ??
and the now take alot for me to get aroused gotta be more that whats in them jeans and in the blouse
Queen, your more than a face thats in a crowd from Chicago so you know im tracin' ya style.
I stay in the clouds and love pure way of a child maybe one day we'll be patient the ?? sayin' our vows
now Cupid's shootin' takin' a bow
you never knew love we making it now.

[Chorus w/ Ad-lids]
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