Redstorm's Domestic Lesson (Interlude)

Syleena Johnson

And the saga continues,
Another domestic lesson
Open yo minds people & check it!
Cuz its a straight up blessing
Now, for those that it applies to,
I think you've been lied to
Believing that a real woman's place is behind you
So you commence to beating her
And treating her like some kind of creature

Disregarding the words of the most highest teacher
Your duty is to preserve her homie
Not hurt her
Deal with her from her neck up!
And not her naval down!
And show your God you deserve her!
You gotta understand a real woman's worth
The same one who give birth to nations
Is the same one you hurt
Well, she wuz meant to be your heaven on earth

She, the one who suffered through your every bid
While you wuz locked up,
Man she struggled with yo kids!
Depressed and stressed out and mentally abused!
When all you wanted wuz pictures of her half-nude!
Yeah... That shows where yo mind is at
Society feeds yo sex drive to keep yo thoughts like that
No wonder, they talking about
"In-de-pend-ent women"

They don't wanna mess with us no more
Based on the way we living man!
Out all night hanging, slanging,
Risking yo life out there gangbanging
Leaving yo lady twisted, missing her man
Yo kids, they're government-assisted,
Out there bad
While you wind up behind bars,
Their lives become scarred
Reduce to the embarrassment of linked cards
And wishing on stars
Now yo girl's spirit is straight up scarred

Once a real woman gives up on her man,
The serpent is worn out on God's original plan
Cuz we wuz meant to be a pair
To secure reproduction
But if you aint there to stand on yo function
Yo seed is wide open to a world of corruption
So stop trippin and get on yo buziness!
Locate the message that

You need and listen! Listen!
Try to find life before
You killed in these streets
Cuz if the game don't do it
This system will
(This system will, this system will) listen!!
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