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I Believe In Love

Syleena Johnson

[Verse 1]
See it ain't easy for me to open my heart and trust a total stranger
But I still believe that love would never put my heart in any danger
Anxious to see the final one who just wants to show me how beautiful love can be
And even though I am scared I know that he's out there just waiting to set me free

Like a flower waits to bloom in May
I'll be patient
Cuz I believe in love
I'll stand alone but I won't give up
I'll be patient
Cuz I believe in love
Even through the fears even through the pain
I won't run away
Cuz I believe in love
And eventually love will bring to me
The one for me
Cuz I believe in love

[Verse 2]
Some say that I should be bitter and untrustworthy
from all that I've been through
But why should I turn on love
When it's never turn on me its never been untrue
And just cause somebody didn't know how to treat me
Doesn't make love to blame
It just means I haven't met my ulitmate soulmate yet
And for that I'm willing to wait


Believe in me
I believe in you
I believe in dreams
I believe in faith
I believe in love

[Chorus 3X]
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