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The Voice (intro)

Syleena Johnson

One day I was feelin' low down
(Was havin') Bad thoughts like I won't be around
(Was thinkin') Maybe I should get out of this game
(I thought that) Nobody wanted to hear me sing
(I thought that) Nobody even knew my name
(I thought that) Maybe 'cause it was I didn't lose weight
(I thought that) I had failed and I felt so ashamed
(And not just) At my music, but at everything
(But then my) Momma said "don't you dare think that way"
(And my) Sisters told me not to lose my faith
(They told me) "Get on your knees and let GOD lead the way"
(And then I) Closed my eyes and I heard a voice say

[Chorus (2 Times):]
It told me "Stand up"
If you want to be seen,
It told me "Reach out"
So you can catch your dreams,
It told me "Cry out"
If you want to be heard
It told me "Be strong"
And take heed to my word"

So from now on when I hear that voice say
(Stand up) I'm on my feet, and I'm showin' my face
(Because I) Won't go quietly into the night
(I will be) Strong and faithful, oh I will survive
(I will be) Honest to me, I will try even when I cry
(I will be) Humble, but fearless knowing the LORD by my side
(I won't take) Life for granted, I'll live everyday like my last
(I will make) Lemonade even when lemons is all I have
(I will pay) All my dues and tithes in Sundays
(I won't break) When haters test me, focused I will stay
(And when I) Cannot hide from those low down days
(I will just) Close my eyes and hear that voice say

[Chorus (2 Times)]

Live by and die by the power of the voice
The voice of strength, the voice of reason
The voice inside of me, the voice inside of you
Holds the key to the answers to the questions
And so my story continues, but this time I am guided by the voice
Of love, every step that I take
And every challenge that I face, and its says to me
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