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Phone Sex

Syleena Johnson

(Twista's Rap)

I'm waiting
In the living room
Drinking Alize'
Waiting for you
To touch me soft, rub me strong, get me wet, love me long
But wait a minute

I need you to (Take all your clothes off)
I want you to (Come in here and set it off)
From the floor to the bed
Baby tell me are feeling me yet

(On this phone sex) Breathing hard while I touch myself
(On this phone sex) Gotta do it cause I'm by myself
(On this phone sex) You're not here but I feel you babe
(On this phone sex) And all you gotta do is scream my name
(On this phone sex) Getting hotter by the minute babe
(On this phone sex) Got me reaching for my "rabbit" babe
(On this phone sex)
But I'm frontin cause I want you babe (baby)
It ain't nothin like the real thing


Can you see me
In a red thong
Red pump heals
Nothing else on
Oil my legs
Cherry red lips
Long black hair
Covering my breasts
Would you like that?
How bout I? (Do a little strip tease)
Then you can (Take advantage of me)
Anything you want me to be
Baby I can be your fantasy


Imagine me on the top of your bed
On my hands and knees- saying
"Come here daddy, won't you come on and get in"
Talk dirty to me
Tell me how it feel (baby)
Fast or slow
Tell me what you wanna do to me
Ooh, you fuck so good
Keep it right there
I'm about to climax
On this phone sex


Ahhhh ahhh ahhh ooooo ahhhhhh ahhhh (sounds)
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