Not Used To (The Town Demo)

The Weeknd

You're not used to what you're feeling
You're feeling
You're feeling

Honey please
I never thought I'd have to see your face again
But my love just realized
She stared into my eyes
She might be too good for me
I'm almost dead to her
I'm sleeping with a frozen heart
Baby girl it's over now
And I can always count on you
My unshackled girl, unrestrained to touch
You're immune to love
It's so priceless to me
That you're always free
That you'll take me in
You're my favorite sin, favorite sin

As you are

I see you as you are
Staring at my [?]
You know I only like it rough [?]
When [?]
It seems that I've had to let you go
Now you're lying on the floor
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