I'm Good (feat. Lil Wayne)

The Weeknd

Everything I said I’d do, I did
I’m good, I’m good
Everything I said I’d do, I did
(I did it)

But baby lets face it, I’m not into dating
I haven’t been patient
Ever since I been famous my time has been racing
My motives are basic, this life I’ve been chasing
These hearts I’ve been breaking (I’m sorry)
And these girls I been tasting don’t never get naked
They like it in a head lock fuckin’ from behind (woo)
Fuck ‘em with their clothes on, put it to the side (woo)
Feelings to the side (woo), like a don do (woo)
Get ‘em wet, let it slide like a sunroof

Got goons, got dreams, got a hotel crib
Got niggas that’ll die for the prince
Got my city on lock, xo ’til the death
Left town in a coach, came back in a jet

I’m good (I’m good)
I’m not living like I did before, I’m good (I’m good)
I’m good (I’m better), I said I’m good (I’m good stunna)
Everything I said I’d do, I did, I’m good (d5, mack)
I said I’m good
Oh I’ve been good (go, wassup? Gt vodka)
I’ve been out there puttin’ down that work
I’m good (I got that work baby)
Said I’m good (I put it down baby)

I said I’m good (rich gang, so good)
Everything I said I’d do I did, I’m good (I did it)
Motherfucker I’m good (motherfucker)

This is dedicated to everybody who forgot
Forgetful motherfuckers
Remember, don’t you remember?
I’ve been good, we good
What up five?
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