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    Third Try - And Ten Other Reasons I'll Never Be President

  2. 2

    Third Try - Bumpstart

  3. 3

    Third Try - Burning Puddles

  4. 4

    Third Try - Credits

  5. 5

    Third Try - Cry Me A River

  6. 6

    Third Try - Enjoy The Silence

  7. 7

    Third Try - Goodbye Temecula

  8. 8

    Third Try - Hallmark Holiday

  9. 9

    Third Try - I'm Outside

  10. 10

    Third Try - Last Asshole On Earth

  11. 11

    Third Try - Lightning Rods

  12. 12

    Third Try - Militant Christian Girlfriend

  13. 13

    Third Try - My Time

  14. 14

    Third Try - Pins And Needles

  15. 15

    Third Try - Sad Eyes

  16. 16

    Third Try - Tightrope

And Ten Other Reasons I'll Never Be President

Third Try

i'd like to say i suffer from a broken heart
somebody ripped it all apart
truth is i never used it from the start
it's hard to find love when i'm living in my room
with nothing but fugazi tunes
and all these magazine clippings of youlast time i said it was the last time
last year i said it was the last year
feeling sorry for myself without a valentine
except for all your movies and this case of beeri'm sorry that
nobody can
complete me like you
rachel leigh i know
she's all that and now
i'm lonely you're my
pussycat come home
sweet josie

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