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    Third Try - And Ten Other Reasons I'll Never Be President

  2. 2

    Third Try - Bumpstart

  3. 3

    Third Try - Burning Puddles

  4. 4

    Third Try - Credits

  5. 5

    Third Try - Cry Me A River

  6. 6

    Third Try - Enjoy The Silence

  7. 7

    Third Try - Goodbye Temecula

  8. 8

    Third Try - Hallmark Holiday

  9. 9

    Third Try - I'm Outside

  10. 10

    Third Try - Last Asshole On Earth

  11. 11

    Third Try - Lightning Rods

  12. 12

    Third Try - Militant Christian Girlfriend

  13. 13

    Third Try - My Time

  14. 14

    Third Try - Pins And Needles

  15. 15

    Third Try - Sad Eyes

  16. 16

    Third Try - Tightrope

My Time

Third Try

setting me up, letting me down
it seems you're constantly forgetting that you need to be around
just when i really need your help, i don't know what to do
it's getting harder every time being forgotten by you
so now i'm all alone waiting, by the phone again
and it's no use to track you down, i'm calling all your friends
but it's the same old story, none of them have a clue
but if they do it to me, they're gonna do it to you

let it fall apart
finish what you start
when everything is lost
we both swallow the cost
start making up your mind
stop wasting all my time
my time... what are you gonna do

tomorrow you'll pretend like there was no yesterday
intimidated by your beauty, i'll have no words to say
and we'll go on like nothing happened the way we always do
until that tragic day comes, when it happens to you
so how can i just pretend that you don't know me
i want to see things only you can show me
i'm trying so hard just to work this out
but you're so unpredictable can't figure it out

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