1. 1

    Third Try - And Ten Other Reasons I'll Never Be President

  2. 2

    Third Try - Bumpstart

  3. 3

    Third Try - Burning Puddles

  4. 4

    Third Try - Credits

  5. 5

    Third Try - Cry Me A River

  6. 6

    Third Try - Enjoy The Silence

  7. 7

    Third Try - Goodbye Temecula

  8. 8

    Third Try - Hallmark Holiday

  9. 9

    Third Try - I'm Outside

  10. 10

    Third Try - Last Asshole On Earth

  11. 11

    Third Try - Lightning Rods

  12. 12

    Third Try - Militant Christian Girlfriend

  13. 13

    Third Try - My Time

  14. 14

    Third Try - Pins And Needles

  15. 15

    Third Try - Sad Eyes

  16. 16

    Third Try - Tightrope

Burning Puddles

Third Try

i swear i tried to call you
i wish you could have been there
with my new friends
they make me feel alright
you think i've got a problem
but no one understands me
just one more line
will make me feel alright

it's like you never cared
'cause we were always there to bring you down
and so you go get high again
but now i'm not

i tried hard to save you the problem's you won't save yourself
i wasted time on you now i'll waste it on some one else
every night releasing your anger
well this is where i stop please let me off

so now the night is calling
another angel's fallen
just one more fix
will make me feel alright
goodbye to all my friends now
i guess this is the end now
there's nothing left
to make me feel alright

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