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    Third Try - And Ten Other Reasons I'll Never Be President

  2. 2

    Third Try - Bumpstart

  3. 3

    Third Try - Burning Puddles

  4. 4

    Third Try - Credits

  5. 5

    Third Try - Cry Me A River

  6. 6

    Third Try - Enjoy The Silence

  7. 7

    Third Try - Goodbye Temecula

  8. 8

    Third Try - Hallmark Holiday

  9. 9

    Third Try - I'm Outside

  10. 10

    Third Try - Last Asshole On Earth

  11. 11

    Third Try - Lightning Rods

  12. 12

    Third Try - Militant Christian Girlfriend

  13. 13

    Third Try - My Time

  14. 14

    Third Try - Pins And Needles

  15. 15

    Third Try - Sad Eyes

  16. 16

    Third Try - Tightrope

Cry Me A River

Third Try

what ever happened to a good old fashioned punk rock show?
seems all my favorite bands just curled up and died
and every venue in this town closed long ago
'cause everyone turned emo, sat at home, and cried

at least when they were hardcore
they had something to fight for
now all they do is whine
so emo boy who broke your heart?
i hope it was your girlfriend
the one who once was mine
back when punk rock was cool

and keeping up with all these kids is impossible
by the time i hear a new band they're already cliche
look down at me while you're tearing up your spectacles
and sit at home and cry on make out club all day

well this is where i stop please let me off

so emo boy cry me a river
at least your scene is still alive
and at least you've got a girlfriend
just like i did in '95
back when punk rock was cool

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