1. 1

    Third Try - And Ten Other Reasons I'll Never Be President

  2. 2

    Third Try - Bumpstart

  3. 3

    Third Try - Burning Puddles

  4. 4

    Third Try - Credits

  5. 5

    Third Try - Cry Me A River

  6. 6

    Third Try - Enjoy The Silence

  7. 7

    Third Try - Goodbye Temecula

  8. 8

    Third Try - Hallmark Holiday

  9. 9

    Third Try - I'm Outside

  10. 10

    Third Try - Last Asshole On Earth

  11. 11

    Third Try - Lightning Rods

  12. 12

    Third Try - Militant Christian Girlfriend

  13. 13

    Third Try - My Time

  14. 14

    Third Try - Pins And Needles

  15. 15

    Third Try - Sad Eyes

  16. 16

    Third Try - Tightrope

Lightning Rods

Third Try

it hits me
like lights
at makeout parties
slow burning
inside out
jack o lantern
smashed and thrown out
maybe i
ask for it
like lightning
rods in torrents
maybe you'll
forget this
just like homeless
after christmas

still burning
now quiet
like buildings
after riots
throw me and
forget me
just like flowers
after weddings
just use me
then leave me
for the next
just like good parking
for all this
just like sober

and if you ever see me falling
i'll be the hammer
you'll be the nail
and if you ever see me falling
you'll be the sidewalk
i'll be the hail

now watch me melt away

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