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To The Moon


I got a rocket in my pocket
And I'm ready to blow
La (12x)
Im talking tick tick time
Bom ready to blow

Ooooh just (wanna little taste)
Gonna (be a long night)
You're on a first class flight to the stars
Strap that pretty thing
It's gonna be a bumpy ride
Don't you hesitate
I'm gonna take you straight

To the moooon bae (I can take you to the moon)
Me and you bae (just me and you)
To the moooon bae (I can take you to the moon)
Are you ready to rock (rocket)
I'm going 'til you beg me to stop

Girl, I'm your supernova star
To her I'm the guy
Your body is a rollercoaster
I wanna ride

Are you ready for the ride
Of the night girl
I'm gonna give it to you
This is gonna take all night
When we strat the count down
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