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Prelude To Schizophrenia


I had a thousand bucks i went down and bought a small farm
After ten years the sun fell down and the boys started a war
I wish I was in the bar all the time that tha guns's was warm
But one day i got tired of so much noose-sin and then i left home

i arrived on the station looking younger than i am
i lit a last lost-long cigarrette 'fore i rest my head
i bought an old newspaper and i couldn't find my seat
there's was a boy beside me he looked a lot like the new basenicks

the white last train had just left and it's still noon
but i'm still here i ain't got no shoes i ain't got no money to lose
there's a waitress nearby she's from kansas she's an aliby
she bought me a new meat loaf and she kisses me and she steals and she's gone

and she hides
behind the sun
and my friend
on the phone

i forgot all my faith inside my pockets i need a new medicine
i didn't believe but now i know she's yoyo my next of kin
now i read her words and i read her skin
and now we are spending our very last cowboy dream.

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