The Last Time I Saw You


The 1st time I saw you
I did try hard to burn my eyes
Life was but a sad dream
I was but a sad breath
You're something like sand
When sunlight hits the sea

The 2nd time I saw you
I was about to take the road
I asked would you wait for me
You said life ain't a highway
Better if we'd been born
As siamese songbirds

The 3rd time I saw you
We went to the zoo
All steady hot beers, sorrowful monkeys
Big eyes laughing
Wish I had not held hands

The 4th time I saw you
It was like I was gonna die
I was waiting outside
You just had a new guy
And asked me why, I, I

Son, son won't you come along?
We have no time for another
Song, song, song
Won't you sing along?
We have no sea, child

The 5th time I saw you
He was traveling abroad
And your eyes, they were not here
You just made new friends
While I tried to stop with cigarrettes

The 6th time I saw you
I was properly insane
For the whisky I had drunk
The drugs I'd taken
Gimme one way you will realise

The 7th time I saw you
You were married again
If I had just once kissed you
Things wouldn't be the same
Surely the sky'd be different

The 8th time I saw you
I was strummin' the guitar
and your ears were not for me
My ears were a-bleeding
The waiter was blind
Please someone blind my eyes

The last time I saw you
It was about five A.M.
You approached me in a strange car
Finally kissed me
Then did wave goodbye
Before you disappear

Sometimes I ache, babe
I ain't hard enough to stand
But the days they just drown me
Coming back from work
Having sour breakfast
Seasick from your chest
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