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One Day We Will Be One


When she finally looked goodbye with her eyes
Her blue eyes, and she finally found a room
This time i held her, i didn't tell her
All i had in my my mind, yes

Its trembling now she's gone
She's gone, her fade away
Far away's now
And in the morning the birds start all singing
Start all singing so loud, so loud, so loud.
In the crowd, so loud, so loud.

When she finally kiss my lips, that day in the park, and she finally cut the wrist
Would you believe her, would you believe her you see my eyes i couldn't read
I tried hard to sit my ears and tried to listen to every word you say

When she does her way now, the lies us tried to hide
I was laughing at the time
There was a gun in my enemies hand
And i tried to be saved then
I tried to walk away how tried hard
Stay i got no nowhere to stay i got nowhere i got nowhere to stay got nowhere to stay

the sun (x4)
one day we'll be one (x4)
Yes Aaah

When she finally waved goodbye with her eyes, her blue eyes

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