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The Horses And The Sea


I called the sun, i called the stars
They followed me against the tide
Some flowers they were tryin' to hide
Their love from me but i will find

Their eyes, their signs
Their sighs, their shyness

I called my eyes to follow them
And i called my heart to bless'em
After all i lost a friend
Death's something i can't understand

I cried, I cried
I cried, I cried

But now the sea it loves me again
So I'm gladly sure that i'll survive
The birds, we'll never be apart
Cos they tried hard to save my heart

They smiled, they cried
They failed in being mine

But now I have to say goodbye
The horses called me for a ride
Don't forget that love is all
All I will never understand

Goodbye, goodbye
Goodbye, goodbye..

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