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Foreign Complaint


"foreign complaint"

I got something to write before this letter slips in
I got no one by my side and finally now, i feel fine
As the leaves are falling, as the sun is going down.
My eyes are in the wind, but every summer they melt down

Here no one knows my name, they never see me around
I pretend i'm from spain and i don't even go out
I never thought it would be so hard to live in other town
And i always remind of you when sleep gets me down

Every dusk i watch, well, it always leaves me sad
Cause that time i got you, the dawn was the time to bed
And i never saw the dawn anymore, now i have to crawl
To get up from the bed, and then get off of the ground

I'm not looking for and i couldn't even get a job
Lately i'm too weak and i still got the bucks you gave me
People scream that i'm a slob, but i pretend it's not with me
I just keep my face straight, with my eyes staring at my feet

Sometimes i miss my rock'n'roll records and my friends
But as long as i'll die, they'll take me out of their heads
I'm not saying i was unwanted, it's just something usual
Maybe i never really liked'em but i miss them all

Last week i went to a bar, and there was no one at it.
And i've been thinking how sometimes love's hard to fit
I remembered when i's a child and how beautiful were my hair
And when i discovered that love's something hard to bear

But when the bar closed down, i started my thinkin' again
And going back home i cried a little bit but then
I cleaned my face with memories from my mom and my dad
And for a quick moment i forgot that they are dead

I heard someone saying love's bitter, well, i didn't disagree
But later when i was sleeping i've been waken by a dream
I don't remember well, but i only know it was about you
Then i passed all the day upset till i accept that i love you

But you know life goes on, as it goes on your life
And i'd be lying if i said that someday i'll be back
Cause these words haunt myself, i prefer to ignore the pain
Cause i'll always love you, but i don't want to see you again.

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