Absurd Minds

(waking) here I am.
(sleeping) here I am.
(dreaming) here I am.
(waking, sleeping, dreaming) here I am.
Always I was here. now i speak to you.
Just have no fear.
You don't know how much you miss
By not knowing yourself.
Do you run the risk?
Here is the self, that speaks to you and will never fade away.
Here I am. here I am.

They are the three states
(waking, sleeping, dreaming)
In which the one`s aware.
The common fact: I am,
This feeling's always there.
The world is like a sheet of paper
On which something's typed.
The meaning and the reading
Will vary with the reader.

All is the self, all is myself.
All is you and yours. there's nobody else.
I am one and appear as many.
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