The Focus

Absurd Minds

How can I reach it? - Cognition.
When I will obtain it?
Now tell me how can I realize me on this plane!
How can I fulfill myself? I`m still waiting a long time.
I wanna know, I wanna live to see.
How can I reach it, how can I realize me?
Like every night I go to bed and dream a dream,
the greatest dream there is.
I`m lying here but I`m there.
I`m diving into the scene.
I feel the might inside of me,
it feels so real and now I understand.
Now I`m in the focus of my dream.
I`m in the focus of the scene.
Now I`m the Master of my dream.

A godlike act - I create creation.
I experience it, then I disintegrate it.
I`m the viewer, the one who creates creation
to experience it and then disintegrate it.

I throw it away - my ignorance, my stubborness, my limitation, my conceit.
I throw it into the fire and I burn it up, so I can feel the heat.
I do wonders, I can fly, I reach the deepest point, then I touch the sky.
I do wonders, now I can see, cause I reach it, cause I realize me.
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