Master Builder

Absurd Minds

One emotion.
(nie geboren, nur geträumt)
grows up inside of you.
(Du bist meine Projektion)
What do you think, what do you feel?
Are you virtual or are you real?
What you think and what you do is a version,
that isn`t true.
A smile will come to lighten up your sleeping face.
So let the night be peaceful.

I`m the real one, i`m the master
and i observe what you do.
You and me are one in truth.
I just see you as my projection.
You need another understanding,
come to me, then you will see.

So seek not to change the world,
but choose to change your mind about the world.
The blind become accustomed to their world
by their adjustments to it.
And so it is with you, although you aren`t blind.
The things you see are what you gave them, nothing more, nothing less.
The perception selects and makes the universe you see.
You give the orders, it makes the universe you see.
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