Winds Will Blow

Absurd Minds

You are the seeds of a new time.

Challenging times, difficult times
- you chose to live here, you chose to be here.
But all of you will come back to me.
You`ll see.
Days passed by, million times
- you never allowed yourselves to see it.
Anyway, you`ll come back to me.
You`ll see.
Cease groveling for survival and no longer
Will there be the age and death.
Empires of love emerge here.

Winds will blow and love and joy in being
Will grace this blessed place,
The emerald of your universe and the home of god.

Allow these words within your being.
When you do, feeling by feeling, thougt by thought,
Moment by moment
- you will come back into the understanding
Of your greatness, of your power.
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