Free From Cares

Absurd Minds

Our life is free from cares.
Sitting listless in our chairs.
We`ve got the money. it stimulates us.
We`re travelling around firstclass.
Money gives us the stimulation.
You can see our transmutation.
Our biggest fear`s that we must share
Our possession, our goods.
We don`t know about the world outside.

We love the glamour and the luxury.
We love the wealth to the highest degree.
We never pushed for money,
We demarcate from people who haven`t
Funds in its state.

As long as we remember we`re rolling in money
And we don`t share your joys and sorrows.
We don`t care and we don`t share.
Please give us a chance. we are humans.
It`s incredible but true.
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