It`s Up To You

Absurd Minds

we put aside the code of morals.
we`ll never learn from mistakes, we made.
always we discover new genies in a bottle.
from consequences we dissociate.
our greatest dream is to create.
our greatest desire is to duplicate the world we live in,
the consciousness we have.
very well my bites - so come alive!

it`s up to you to find away to come alive,
it`s up to you, we`re here to help you realize.
we build a world for you to fullfil ourselves.
and we will see a small piece of eternity.

we set foot on forbiddn areas.
we start off on a journey,
even though we don`t know the destination.
we don`t care,
we wanna repeat the creation.
still you are soulless, still you are not
the beings you wanna be. let`s gonna play god.
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