Carry Your Flag (superheroes)


we must have played
for more than ten years
we must have thought
that we're immortal
shame, shame on us,
ah little hussy,
what did you think i was
i look at us
we have grown older
a lot too much
for me to take
i thought
we were immortal
i'm so sorry
i couldn't keep my promise.. carry on your flag for you
some superhero-being
it seems to me
that we are changing
there ain't no limit
to imagination
the world just turns around
without a care
sometimes i feel like crying
and every time
i need to touch you
how can i ever
break the distance
that's why my love
became so strong and pure
that's why i keep on
trying forever.. carry on your flag for you
some superhero-being
for you
some superhero-being
under the light of the moon
for you..
i'm coming soon.
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