Thunder & Lightning


i was walking in the rain
when the angel of my intuition whispered hello
and then i turned around there was you
well, i was quite surprised to face that kind of incarnation
love is always unexpected, love strikes blind and undirected
an it's amazing how my life
became the wildest game of all
i never knew without your love
and since i fell for you i fail to brave the heavy weather
raging round the axis of my heart
and i don't, i don't need to..
whenever i see you i want thunder and lightning
whenever i touch you i feel thunder and lightning
whenever i hold you i feel better than the time before
that's what i want, thunder and lightning for evermore
there were times when i was down
there were times when all my hopes had faded
my whole life just seemed to be
a senseless quest for energy
but love is the answer, love is all we need my friend
now you came & changed the weather
now i wanna live forever
yes i admit i'm playin' with powers
that i can't control
but i tell you, i will do the best i can
we're on a crash course plane
that's heading down to paradise
and that is the intention of the plan
and i don't need no heaven
what do you want? you know it!
what do you want then?
i tell you what i want!
i tell you what i need!!
i don't need no heaven!!!
i need thunder and lightning,
don't need no heaven!!!!!!!!!
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