Nothing but drinking, drinking, drinking. sucking in, breathing in the ice-cold sea water, being one.
Unquenchable thirst, insatiable hunger, a will that never dries up.
Swaying with the tide, the ocean breeze breathes around you; sheltered in vastness, waste, blindness, sheltered in sleep, dream, silence, sheltered in rhythm, reflex, oblivion. this is how you drift, day and night, consuming time, innocently.
Around you are myriads of others, solitary, glasslike. and when the triumvirate appears at the end of the six-headed night above the seas, the surface of the water will explode into blazing colours and everything will rise from the deep darkness and reach out shimmering sails to the red-green-golden suns.
It is quite impossible for the living to travel to this extraordinary world. still, it may happen that we meet there even if we know not of each other. in fact we know nothing there.
We drift towards and away from each other without nostalgia, sorrow or complaint.
We know nothing of birth or death yet we live, think, feel.
Reaching this extraordinary world means being unable to be anywhere else ever again, never.
Still, i don't speak of this world with caution, retaliation or threat. sin does not exist there, neither does love, only freedom.
And the ocean offers space for all, constantly placing us at the best possible point during every moment of our eternal drift.
Why do i tell you about this world?
I've been sitting here a long time, listening to the music and waiting for your arrival. i've thought long about this world.
If it exists, or if it is only a product of my imagination, is, as you may know by now, of little or no consequence.
It offers comfort, as everything about it is mild, without reason, and for all, it is perfect.
And it is there where i now go...
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