Return to Paradise I/II


Kings and queens and frogs and princes
Gnomes and dwarfs and dragons old
Treasures hidden, golden sphinxes
Lovely maiden, giants bold
Hush, my little lovely darlings
Dream on through the deepest night
Here´s a kiss for each of you
Wonder where you going to
When you´re sleeping tight
Return to paradise...
Sometimes when it´s really quiet
I come running to your bed
Listen hard to hear you breathing
Stroke your tender little heads
You are flowers sent from heaven
On a gentle golden breeze
Here´s a kiss for each of you
Maoamoondog´s singing too
Lullabies of peace
Return to paradise...
On a ship to elfland wonders
Just a little trip away
There you´re playing in the starshine
Underneath the milky way
All the angels in their glory
Will be watching over you
Dream on while the stars are falling
(Falling on you)
May your dreams come true...
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