The End


i can hardly wait to see her coming down the stairs
a demon's playin in my head a melody i can't forget
she's a beauty in her sorrow, each step a falling chord
that crackles in the giant mirrors at the marble walls
i feel so different today, i'm ready to explode
into kaleidoscopes of strange delight
come embrace me, say you'll love me till the very end
before i vanish in the shifting sands of time
death, the lover
death, the lover
come embrace
say you'll love me
till the very end
come, embrace
till the very end
of time
once i was so sure not knowing leaving traces in the dust
'till you said there's nothing new
except the things that we forgot
here i stand awaiting for a signal from oblivion
in the twilight of the old uncertainties
now she spreads her wings she's comin'
like a massive wave of love
rolling black as night into my arms
now she's comin' in a burning flash of kisses
rushing from her lips into the center of my mind..
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