Miracle Healing


hello my friend!
it's late and i want to sleep
but i just can't make it to my bed.
i've got a brand-new song on my screen. it's called miracle healing.
i read it on a sign somewhere in port of spain
(29. 4. 2000).
i remember a bright-blue-colonial building. for me it looked like the
entrance to paradise.
a place full of smiling people, a place full of happiness.
i was dreaming to go there instead of doing the interview & receive...
a miracle healing of innocence & ectasy.
dreams of independence. love, caress & energy.
the circle & square, sound & vision, angels are singing
you're gonna burn in hell no more - you're gonna burn in hell no more...
are you sure what to think of me?
do you know how i should be?
is there any damn explanation for this world?
and what kind of healing would i need?
only one thing i know is that i need some help,
i must finish this song to find it all out
a miracle healing...
hello my friend!
it's late and i want to sleep
and i'm sitting here all alone with my ghosts tonite
i don't know what to write to you
i just want to say that i'm thinking of you
and i hope that you're alright
i am, well, ...better, i think it must be because of this letter
and if it's not so then i really don't have a clue
if i slept for a thousand years would you dig inside my pyramid?
would you resurrect me from the dead, would you light up my darkness, would
you give me...
a miracle healing...?
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