Do You Feel Me

Anthony Hamilton

Wish I could see through
See deep into you
And know what you're thinking now
And if I were to need it
I need some kind of sign
Let me know 'cause I can't read your mind

Are you in?
Or am I in this on my own?
I need some clue from you
Let me know, baby

Do you feel me?
Do you read me?
Tell me am I gettin' through to you
I wanna know
Are you with me?
Are you listenin'?
Baby, is my message gettin' through?
Do it me baby, oh baby, 'cause I can feel you

You play it so cool
Won't let nothin' show through
Won't show what you're feelin' now, no
And you like to keep keepin' me

Keeping me here in the dark
And I can't see through into your heart
Let me in, in on this mystery
'Cause I just can't stay in this guessing game

And don't keep me hangin' on the line, baby
Tell me if you want me
And if you don't just let me know
Just answer one question
Don't keep me here guessin'
Tell me now
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