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Southern Stuff

Anthony Hamilton

You're like a cadillac
cool breeze in the 70's
you and me holdin hands talkin family
that southern thing i like
you got that southern stuff i like
it's like after school leanin hard cause im into you, barbeque,i'll even open the door for you, i know
thats what you like, you got that southern stuff I like, like, like

[Verse 1]
Sweet southern thang, pretty skin half picked and when you grin thats when all life begins,
cool like a fresh breeze, ooh please come with me, let's take a ride, swing to the other side, I'm much
oblidged to make your acquaintance, you're full of substance, and ohh girl I love it


[Verse 2]
Ms. Georgia peach, carolina when you speak, your southern drawl, make me want to know you
more, do you want a big family, well if so I can handle it, a gentleman do the very best I can, provide
for you, I know you want to finish school, intelligence is beauty, girl I wanna be your study

I know just what you like,
know just what you need,
southern lovin girl, it's all you need from me
I know just what you want,
know just what you need,
southern lovin girl, I can set you free

[Chorus + ad lib out]
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