I'm Cool (feat. David Banner)

Anthony Hamilton

We dnt have to worry bout no money to have us a real good time
Nd we dnt have to leave in the moring the hole day just you and I
And it dnt have to get any better it's perfect with you in my life

If your cool then I'm cool then were cool

We dnt have to worry bout no grocery we can fill up on our belongs
If we ant got enogh for a movie we can jus sit at home
Have a lil role play baby wat ever turns you own

[Chorus x2]

Quit your worrin baby)oh, oh, oh)
Quit your worryin girl(u dnt have to worry kno more)
Quit your cryin lady(gone head and cry)
We can conquer the world.

Pack a lil lunch for the evening
Dnt b worreyd bout no problems belive me
Every things gonena b allrite
We can shhot for the moons watch some cartoons
Wat ever makes you smile

[Chorus x2]

Quit your worryin baby(oh u can 4 get about the prob now)
Quit your worryin girl
Quit your cryin lady
We can conquier the world

Dnt worry girl dnt worry girl dnt worry oh you ant neva got 2 worry bout a thing baby
Oh no
Were all right (were all roght) hold on hold on


Dnt worry
Ohh for get about the probs in the past
Dnt let em cry u out baby
We can conquer the worl we can conquier the world
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