Where Did It Go Wrong?

Anthony Hamilton

I didn not make those mistake girl in my life,I don't know, everything I tried to do took
another route, she bailed out on me, you didn't have to make like a thief girl stole my life, rob me
blind, now this wounds gettin deeper see my blood as I cry

Where did it all go
How did it go wrong
Tell us what to do
can I depend on you

A punctured heart has no closure torn for life, and its gonna take God's hand to cure me to get
another try, me by oh no, I had to fight strong like a soldier, so rooted by fake and it been shame oh
no, how do i trust over and over I guess I have to wait to see my faith


I hope I can depend on you
to come through
you shamed me once stole my family name, but still I want you
I might be a fool to wait around on you, but love has no apologies and no respect for me, where did it
go wrong

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