They Don't Know

Anthony Hamilton

I can't walk down the street
'cause people lookin' at me
Like i just robbed the neighborhood
Just mindin' my business
Tryin' to make a livin'
Takin' it day by day
Some of the things that i've seen you just wouldn't believe
But i always hold my head up with dignity
Can't judge the book by the cover
'cause they don't really even know me, don't know me

They don't know about the things i be goin' through
And they don't know about the pain i be feelin'
They don't know about the struggles i be pullin' through
And i won't let them get the best of me and my soul

Excuse me, lord for fussin'
Things i do to keep from cussin'
How so many people they bug me
Goin' around tryin' to judge me
Like why is he wearin' that dress
Why is talkin' that mess
Why is he so into his african-ness
Cause i don't wanna settle for less
I know i deserve the best


Got a feelin'
Said i'm givin'
Everything that i've been meanin'
Fixin' me
Can i go now?
Cause what i found
Is enough to get me right
Fixin' me

Good god almighty (i can't walk down the street)
Good god almighty (everybody's lookin' at me)
Good god almighty (tryin' to steal my dignity yea)
Good god almighty (they don't know what i feel)
Good god almighty (tryin' to make a livin')
Good god almighty (takin' it day by day)
Good god almighty (tryin' to find my own way)
Good god almighty (tryin' to have a good time)
Good god almighty (tryin' to have a mighty mighty mighty good time yea oh)
Good god almighty (take away my pain)
Good god almighty
Good god, good god (x2)
Good lord, good lord

Walk it off, walk it off now
Gotta walk it off, walk it off now
Walk it off, walk it off right now
Gonna find a good time
Take the trouble and pain off our mind tonight
Lemme hear one time, lemme hear one time
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