Never Let Go

Anthony Hamilton

How can i compare you
For how i wanna love you
And i know you've been hurt in pain
And love is all the same in your eyes
So baby take a chance to really let me show you
And if you open up by teach you how to love for life
Hey cause the lonely never win yeah

But if i love you i'm never let you go
How can i trust you, just tell me what you want ..
I need you, girl put your heart in mine
I promise that will never let it go
I don't wanna cry no more, no not a single tear
'cause i've been broken, when now that i'm here
To teach me how to love again, girl put your heart in mine
I promise that i will never let you go
Yeah i don't see a lot of things hurt a lot and ..
Take a look ..forever tell me now what makes you difference yeah
I gave all ahead all the way down to my ..
Boy i need you right now to show me how
To trust my heart over my mind yeah
Cause the lonely never wins

I never wanna let you go, no baby
Wanna love you with my heart and soul
But i gotta know
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