Cyclone Graves

Ken Stringfellow

ou can't run away
You were born. It's all the same game
Tear off the roof of your life
And start your searching again

You came on the day the clouds went away
To their cyclone graves
Where they stay--as sure as I say that

I hope you never go blind
I hpe that you're more than just kind
Oh, to yourself

You talk to the wind
And you hope that it will listen in
Blow you back where you can begin
To resemble your weakest sin

Better find it, never fight it, never regret your loves
Your love makes you less than useless, oh, to yourself

Something about the way you hide
The strength to engage an alibi
Under the scrutiny of love
What will it take to raise you above yourself?

Divine or profane?
Drink the wine or linger in the rain?
Maybe you don't have to choose
And fortune's smiling on everyone
And I think it's smiling on you
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