Je Vous En Prie

Ken Stringfellow

It's so unfair
The stars, they just hang there
They never say nothing to me
If you were here
The things I would tell you
All that time alone
How often I pictured your face
While the winter was freezing me
The desert kept moving me
And there's ocean between us tonight

Cherie, cherie
Je vous en prie
Take me like a cigarette
Put me to your lips
Breathe me in deep
I pray my soul you'll keep
Take me to your bed when you sleep
Cherie, je vous en prie

All religion can sound like weeping
Cries like a mother that's drawn in the sky
On our knees, we beg for a lullaby
If no one come running, we lose our beliefs
Oh baby, this won't happen to me
I will always believe in your lips
On your kiss I subsist

Boy, you've been running somewhere
Do you know where home is? Has it been too long to care?
Does anyone remember you're gone?
Better sing your lover this song.

Cherie, cherie
Set fire to me
Let me drift toward your fingers while I'm burning
Put me to your lips
I pray my soul you'll keep
Take me to your bed when you sleep
Je vous en prie
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