You Become The Dawn

Ken Stringfellow

Nothing to mourn. We die and die until
Until we're born, recast sa forms
So pleasing to the soul
I never miss anyone. To me, they're never gone
If that makes you uncomfortable, baby
Don't be too long

And now you're wondering if that song was the song you heard
When the form was just the word and the world was golden
And the only way to pray was to be cast as the dawn

Backwards in time, the rhyme within you was another child
Wanting to strive, but this time, not required
Wanting to try but not to the size of the role intended
You think it's ended, but it begins with each choice

And the only way to praise was to be sung as the dawn

Kingdoms and criminals, all under the same light
As dawn shall follow night
As fall shall follow flight

Sing yourself awake. Call the winds into blowing
It's a wise child who finds this advice
First among many, many lives

And now you know that the song you heard
Has called your form in from the word
And the world is golden
You've become the dawn
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