For Your Sake

Ken Stringfellow

If you're finally wondering
If you're fully aware
If you fail to recognize
If your fortune is fair
If you feel sympathy
If you find acceptance
If you forget faces
If you finish a sentence
If you file a memory
If you face a consequence
If you forgo pleasure
If you fake enjoyment
If you figure it's worth it
If you fall down
If you fuck up, I'll come around

Throw your fate into the highest ring. Then you can
Take a walk and forget everything if for your sake

If you take offense
If you're tortured
If you tend to go along
If you've totalled your possessions
If you tide it over
If you've tied one on
If you've teased it out
If you turned it on
If you've told a lie or not told a lie
I'll come around

Spend eternity waiting to come into view
Of who already sees you for you

If you grab at nothing
If you go deep in the dark
If you get too twitchy
If you grow weary
If you gasp at the price
If you grimly go ahead
If you gaze with longing
If you grib the crumbling edge
If you gallop toward the horizons
If you gawk at the spectacular
If you gauge your success
If you gorge yourself
If you're greedy all the time
If you gain no new ground
If you're grinding to a halt
I'll come around

If you've had enough
If you heed warnings
If you have heard different
If you hate mornings
If you're heading somewhere
If your head starts to pound
If you can just hang on
I'll come around
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