Ken Stringfellow

Come all you scions of old-time Berlin
With nights of intolerance soon to begin
Feel the lights dim

After the rally's done wolf becomes faun
Sharing a cigarette in your salonâ€"he tries your boots on
Despite the times you feel quite liberal
You even prefer negro spirituals over Ophuls

Run for cover, you'll find your lover there
As a shot splits the air
Tell me what you did thereâ€"alone or in pairs
With your body bare
Tell me how long you stared before you said yes

You must show no feelings for him tho' it's not fair
But these are the uniforms that we must wear
And you wouldn't dare to resist the order
The fighting is savage the contest is brief
The bloodshed is localized and yet you feel grief in that sweet relief

Run for cover...

A war's a human thing and to each man it brings
The ability to walk in straight lines
But these lines, they can and do break
If only just to show there's only so much loyalty a man can take
Loyal to his beliefs he wears what suits him ‘til
He takes them off and shows, and shows what's underneath
A man who is most beautiful when he's free

Run for cover...

Tell me what you did there alone or in pairs
Under a nom de guerre
Tell what you did to stop the nightmare
Tell me what you did there
Did to stop the nightmare?
Fortune prefers one who dares
Tell me what you did there
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